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This wiki is about the roguelike game Prospector. You are in command of a spaceship and its crew, exploring an unknown sector of the galaxy. As befitting any roguelike, death is everywhere, and only the most skilled, adaptable, and lucky prospectors will survive.

"We're in a sector full of ancient ruins which are being exploited by 3 mega corporations. There are merchants who trade between the corps, pirates who prey on the merchants and pirate hunters(mostly corporate) who prey on the pirates. This whole setup is fueled by the bunches of cybernetically engineered mercenaries who fetishize alien artifacts and walk around surrounded by cheerful octopi (I am of course referring to the eponymous prospectors)."

The current version of Prospector is vR210, released in July 2018. You can download a version for Windows or Linux at the official forum's download page.

Getting Started:Edit

Quickstart Guide


Beginner's Guide to Not Dying

Guide to making moneyz

The Galaxy:Edit

Stars and Planets

The Megacorporations

Space Pirates

Alien Lifeforms

Special Planets - Spoily





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