Last automated transmission of the EE-5204, after reporting to have found a mysterious city-planet.

There have been reports of ruins of an ancient alien civilisation being found in this sector. Every now and then a Prospector gets his hands on a technical gadget, that is still working, that is beyond the capabilites of human science.

More often explorers following hints as to where the old cities of these ancient race are, do not return. It is as of now uncertain if they fall prey to automated defense systems, or if this ancient civilisation is not as extinct as it seems

Reason for extinctionEdit

It is unknown what caused this ancient race to vacate this sector of the galaxy. Some signs point to war as a contributing factor: Some planets have unnaturally increased radiation levels which could be the aftermath of powerful bombs. Another possibility is that they simply moved on though it is uncertain where or what this moved on would happen to be.

Alien Structures (mildly Spoily)Edit

There are several unique Planets that have structures built by the ancients in this Sector. You may also find their old refueling platforms orbiting gas giants.

There have been reports of impenetrable underground bunkers, found within extensive cave systems.

Alien Artifacts (Spoily)Edit

Some of the alien equipment is still useful to human explorers.